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Sardinia Wine Dinner Recipes

Preparation: Place cheese, olives & crackers on a plate. Enjoy!

Second Course – Insalata di Finocchi, Sedano e Bottarga (Fennel, Celery & Bottarga)

Preparation: Cut the stalks off where the white part meets the green parts. Using a knife, cut off the outer layer. Peel off any brown parts on top of the fennel. Split the fennel bulb in half. Thinly slice them on a mandolin or with a knife. Slice the celery stalks on the diagonal about 1/8 inch thick. Put the fennel and celery in a mixing bowl. Add the olive oil and white wine vinegar, salt and pepper to taste, and mix together, keeping in mind that bottarga is also salty. Place in serving dish and sprinkle the bottarga on top. Open the Cannonau at the start of this course for the next course.

Third Course – Malloreddus Pasta, Typical of Sardinia, with Onion & Pancetta Sauce

Sella & Mosca, Cannonau Di Sardegna Riserva, one of Sardinia's Blue Zone secrets to quality of life longevity: ‘A glass of Cannonau every day is good, two are even better’

Preparation in advance: Each bag of pasta makes about 4 servings for the double packages and 2 servings for the singles. Once the water is boiling, add salt, and add the pasta, lower the heat to Low to Medium Low, and cook about 11- 12 minutes. You can taste the pasta after 8 minutes and adjust the salt if needed. While the pasta is cooking, place the Onion and Pancetta sauce into a pan or skillet. Heat the sauce over Medium Low heat and stir. When the pasta is almost done, drain off about a ¼ - ½ cup of the pasta cooking water and add a couple tablespoons gradually to the sauce and stir. (NOTE: Reserve a separate ¼ cup for use right before the 3rd course when the pasta will be warmed). Drain the pasta and add to the sauce in the pan/skillet, and warm through, put aside and tent with foil. When we get to this course, if the sauce appears too thick, add a tablespoon or 2 of the reserved water and stir over low heat just until heated through. Plate and sprinkle the grated pecorino cheese on top to taste. Enjoy!

Fourth Course – Seared Lamb Chops with Artichoke Halves

Sella & Mosca, Alghero Tanca Farrà (2016) (Cannonau and Cabernet Sauvignon)

Preparation in advance: If the chops have a significant amount of fat, trim the fat and discard. Heat a large skillet (ideally cast iron) over medium-high heat until hot. Add lamb chop(s) in a single layer and cook 2 to 4 minutes on each side to desired doneness, 135°F for medium-rare, cook little more for medium. While the chops are cooking, place the artichoke halves into the skillet and flatten, to brown each side. Transfer lamb chops and artichoke hearts to a sheet of foil and let rest until the 4th course, cover and wrap the chops with foil.

Safe cooking temperature for lamb according to the USDA is 145F (63C).

Take the dried mountain oregano and rub it between your palms to cause the leaves to fall off onto a plate or piece of waxed paper. Plate the chops alongside the artichoke hearts, sprinkle chops with the lemon oil and the oregano leaves, sprinkle salt & pepper onto the chops, and serve.


Assorted Italian Cookies with Limoncellowhat better way to end a fabulous meal!

Buon Appetito !!!

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